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Пока что из всех комментариев, что я посмотрела (больше половины) самые интересные и оживлённые были в серии Rumours of Death.
Либо мне вчера вечером так хотелось отвлечься, что я внимательнее всего смотрела. И сделала 250 скринкапсов. Хммм.
В любом случае вот несколько цитат.

Paul: Lorna plays my girlfriend.
Jan: The only one you've ever had really.
Paul: Well, the one I loved. Yes. What's interesting is that later on, when they are in bed together (sorry children), she doesn't call him by his first name, she calls him Avon. Extraordinary, isn't it?
Chris: We have had to explain that your name was Kerr. It's a difficult name to be romantic with.
Paul: It is. So if you [Jan] and I were in bed together...
Jan: *gasps*
Paul: I would've been going "Hello, Cally" and you would've be going "Stop it, Avon!"
Jan: *hicks*

Paul: Did you notice the flash way I click [Orac] on?
Jan: But everything you did was FLASH.
Paul: Oh, come, come!
Jan: You did. You worked on it.
Paul: I did, you're quite right. Used to stand in front of the mirror every night in my pajamas practicing drawing a gun. Yes.
Jan: And ask your wife "Is this good?", "Is this work well?"
Paul: "Is this cool?"

Jan: I’m suprised you didn’t touch her in the pearls. Her beautiful pearls.

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